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R-985 0-Time Overhauled

Pratt & Whitney 985 Pricing and Parts Installed

R-985  Engines


Exchange  or  Outright  call or email for current pricing


When exchanging the Crank, Cam and Cylinder must be repairable or a core charge will be added to the exchange price, plus must not be a failure. Price will not exceed outright price.


All overhauled engines will have these New parts installed, Spark Plugs, Piston and Rings with New Channel Chrome in Cylinders, Thrust Bearing, Rear Main Bearing, Exhaust Guides and Exhaust Seats, Exhaust Rocker Bearings, Exhaust Valve Stems Ground Straight, Link Pin Bushings, Link Pins, Overhauled Bosch Mags, Exhaust Lifter Rollers and Pins, Rubber Leads, Ignition Wire, Reprocessed Master Rod Bearing, Blower Bearings, Crankshaft, Piston, and Super Charger will all be Balanced.  All other parts that need to be replaced will be replaced with serviceable PWA or New PWA or FAA-PMA Parts.


All engines are test run after overhauled and come with engine logs and 8130- papers 


Warranty & Break In 


Use mineral oil for break in and until oil consumption has stablized , then AD oil is recommended.  Younkin Aviation , Inc, Warrants our engines to be free from defects in workmanship for 100 hours or 90 days whichever comes first.  When installing this engine failure to properly pre-oil with equipment so designed for this purpose will void this warranty.  

Younkin Aviation, Inc assumes no responsibility for bent or broken rods due to oil or fuel hydraulic action resulting from improper starting procedures.

Younkin Aviation, Inc requires that all repairs, parts, and materials replaced be done in their facility.  Younkin Aviation, Inc will not be responsible for other cost or delays 

Use of unapproved fuel voids all warranties.   


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